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The Warm Log Cabin

6 Hour class

Make a 4 block log cabin wall hanging out of your favorite suits and skirts. Learn hands on how easy it is to patchwork with wool and also how fast with this stitch and flip technique using foundation fabric.
Sewing machine required.


  • Light colored cotton for chimneys and logs. Choose at least 4 light colored cottons to compliment your wool colors. The cottons will be the 4 chimneys and one side of the Log Cabin.
  • Wool (see below)
  • Interfacing Fusible interfacing will be used to stabilize your wool. You will need enough fusible interfacing (light to medium weight) to cover your wool.
  • Backing Cotton The 4 backing pieces may be identical to each other or 4 different fabrics.
  • Batting We will be pressing each log after it is stitched to the foundation so your batting should be pressable.

Please precut the following before class so that we can spend as much time sewing as possible.

precut backing in cotton only 4-13″ x 13″
precut cotton and batting 4–4 ½” x 4 ½” centers
28–1 ¾” x 12 ¾” for logs
precut wool and interfacing 4 or 5–18″ x 13″


Other Supplies

iron rotary cutter and mat
pressing surface c-thru ruler at least 3″ wide
press cloth scissors
clapper (optional) pins
sewing machine basic sewing kit
extension cord neutral thread
walking foot (optional but very handy) bobbin thread to match backing


20 students maximum, irons for every 3rd student